ReacTiVe 2024 - Schizofrenia and medical comorbidities: a day-to-day approach
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ReacTiVe 2024 - Schizofrenia and medical comorbidities: a day-to-day approach - Firenze, 16 Maggio 2024

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People with schizophrenia have a decreased life expectancy compared with the general population. Comorbidities play a significant role, leading to reduced quality of life, worsening mental health, and excess mortality in people with severe mental disorders.
Little attention is given in ordinary psychiatric practice to these comorbid physical illnesses - cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic, infectious diseases, cancer and others. At the same time, the collaboration of psychiatrists with primary care physicians and other clinicians is often poor, with psychiatrists focusing only on mental conditions and other physicians rarely undertaking physical examinations in patients with severe mental disorders.
Several international associations have recently taken action to improve the management of physical health of people with severe mental disorders.
A panel of experts from different European countries, will share and discuss with psychiatry clinical practitioners their clinical practice, focusing on the 360° management of people living with schizophrenia, and their vulnerability because of medical and psychiatric comorbidities.
This meeting will offer a practical contribution, thanks to the expertise of different specialists, particularly on the management of people with schizophrenia and comorbid cardiometabolic diseases, sexual health and substance use.

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