Hepatitis Masterclass


Le Village by CA - Corso di Porta Romana 61, Milano
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Hepatitis Masterclass - Milano, 13 Settembre 2024

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In recent years, management of patients with liver-related diseases has been revolutionized by
improvements in diagnostic techniques as well as by the availability of new therapeutic options.
The development of potent oral antivirals against hepatitis B (HBV) and C (HCV) viruses led to
improved disease course, which translated into a reduction in liver-related complications and
better survival. Thus, the WHO goal of HBV and HCV elimination by 2030 represents the most
ambitious clinical endpoint of the last years. In addition, the first antiviral against HDV has become
available and opens the way to new medical challenges.
Despite these novelties, liver-related complications still represent a major burden affecting
outcomes and survival of patients with cirrhosis: improvement in patients’ survival and quality of
life are emerging clinical challenges.
In this complex scenario, current efforts are focused toward development of personalized
management approaches. Cirrhosis complications, such as portal hypertension (ascites, variceal
bleeding, encephalopathy) and primary liver cancer may benefit from increasingly personalized
treatment approaches, either single or combined. Liver transplant - the most known curative
approach for several liver-related complications – is extending beyond standard indications.
The crucial role of multidisciplinary and multiparametric approaches has become more and more
evident. It takes advantages of medical knowledge sharing and of new technologies, and is the
more effective the more it is early. All these aspects will be addressed during the Hepatitis
Masterclass 2024.

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